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To person who will keep pet from now on

Let's think before keeping

We will take responsibility that it prevents you from giving nuisance to responsibility, society and neighborhood that take life of animal upon themselves to keep animal.

・Residence environment     ・Lifestyle
・Agreement of family    ・Health and physical strength
・Expense that it costs for life, pet of pet
・Correspondence at the time of disaster

In addition, there is a lot of having to think.
We often talk in families beforehand, and let's invite correct pet to life tile.
It is love to excellent pet to decide, "we do not keep now because we like".

Can you really keep? (to page of Ministry of the Environment)

Think before keeping! (to page of Ministry of the Environment)

Let's think before keeping even after keeping (to page of Ministry of the Environment)

The acquisition future

◆We leave transfer ... local government and animal protection group, friend

 We perform transfer business of protection animal in Yokohama-shi animal protection center.
 As for the details, please see this (to page of animal protection center)

◆We purchase from suppliers such as purchase ... Pet Shop or breeder

 From distributor registered with the local government, let's purchase appropriately.

 ≪Point when we choose animal handling supplier≫

▢ Is mark which registration number was filled in with for in shop and advertisement shown?
   Supplier receiving registration shows mark which we wrote down full names of manager for animal handling in deadline for registration number and registration for in shop and advertisement.

▢ Before purchasing; confirmation of the goods kept, and was there explanation such as one, health condition?
   We keep having health condition and vaccination or not of animal before selling, and distributor must explain one, normal weight, the length for buyer.

▢ Too childish animal is exhibited and is not sold?
   While we are young, animal needing the socialization such as dog or cat must have with parent and brothers. (regulated with 49 days from after September 1, 2016.)

▢ Cage is too narrow and becomes dirty with excrement, and does it not emanate bad smell?
  You find enough space that animal stands and sleeps and always keep facility clean and you prevent outbreak of bad smell and pest and must consider surrounding environment.

▢ Is content of contract appropriate?
  We read contents carefully and will sign after confirming.

About responsibility of owner

From the day when we have begun to keep, life of pet is entrusted to you.
In addition, it cannot understand all of words that pet speaks.

Owner takes responsibility to prevent you from giving nuisance to responsibility, society and neighborhood that take life of animal upon themselves,
You must observe law about animal.

[law to be related to owner of pet]

・Law about protection of animal and management

・Rabies prophylaxis

・The regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi animal and management

  The details this (to page of Yokohama-shi animal protection center)