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Story of well water

Story of well water

Illustration 83

Are you gentle naturally?

Life drainage to be given, take care a little every day!
 Life drainage such as water of kitchen and bath becomes sewage and are corrected to nature purified at sewage disposal plant more.
 Disused oil adds some hands without just draining and processes and reuses water of bath for washing, and please keep life that is kind naturally little, to reduce life drainage in mind.

It is you to manage.

 Well water using water which soaked underground may be polluted by various materials.
 Pollution of well water with chemical substances does not notice by everyday management and check.
 Drinking water, please utilize well water as trivial routine duties water such as lavation using tap water that security is confirmed.
 Consultation about the use of well water to Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division.

*When drinking well is polluted
You inform to stop drinking to user promptly, and please connect with Health and Welfare Center.

Toward owner, the manager

 When we use well water as life water such as drinking in office and plural households, by "the regulations about security of safe, hygienic drinking water in "the water supply method" or Yokohama-shi simple water supply water supply and small scale tray water tank Channel," "undergoing an examination of periodical inspection of the management situation" is necessary "examination of water" "prior confirmation of laying construction".
In addition, please consult with Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division early when drinking includes plan using well water.
 "Examination of water", please refer to information for request of "periodical inspection of the management situation".