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Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis

1. Atopic factor (so-called allergic predisposition)
  We are seen in person inheriting hereditarily well
  Kind of rash.
2. Itch is very strong.
3. Place where rash is given to is characteristic.

1. Skin being sensitive constitutionally.
2. Be stimulated close to allergen.

Daily life care
1. Underwear chooses thing of cotton,
  So that detergent is not left for washing; rinse for ten minutes
2. It is nurumenoo hot water to keep skin clean
  We take a bath diligently. Bathing just before going to bed
3. From everyday life such as house dust
  We remove allergen.

Illustration 20

Allergy march

 We do not rarely experience allergic disease including baby/infant rash before child comes to have attack of zensoku. In many cases, we call this with allergy march as symptom seems to gradually progress from skin to nasal mucosa, the lower part of the respiratory tract.

Illustration 21