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Allergic ttenaani

Allergic ttenaani

It is said that it is allergic by sensitive physical reaction to be caused by alien substance (well Hara) entering the body of person. Anyone does not show allergy and greatly varies according to personal constitution.

For example…
・It depends on house dust (tick, mold)
 Children zensoku and nasal inflammation
・Itch, sneezing, mucus of eyes due to cedar pollen
・Rash by accessories such as metal
Illustration 15

Allergic diseases increase.

For some causes…

We use fossil fuel including oil in large quantities
"Progress of air pollution"
●Air pollution material
Of protein including egg, milk, soybean
Increase of intake
"Change of the eating habits"
●Milk, egg
Increase of physical mental stress
"Innovation, social environmental complexity"
House where has high sealing degree
"Indoor pollution by change of residence environment"