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About "flower necklace green leaves 2017"

In the spring of 2017, Aoba Ward enforced "flower necklace green leaves 2017"!

With flower necklace green leaves 2017

 In the spring of 2017, Yokohama-shi held "urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country". This is big event of each city durability circumferences for the purpose of having you deepen understanding about flower and green of the whole country.
 Aoba Ward pushed forward approach to fill the ward with flower as "flower necklace green leaves 2017" to this event, but, as opportunity, we bring up flower and come in contact and decorate "flower necklace green leaves 2017" and will do green leaves which flower and green are rich in in more attractive town by continuing these approaches.

[period] From Saturday, March 25, 2017 to Sunday, June 4
 "Flower necklace green leaves 2017" summary flyer

 "Flower necklace green leaves 2017" execution plan

 "Flower necklace green leaves 2017" conduct report [1 approach, approach of 2 future, 3 documents (photograph, public information)]
 Link to urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country

["approach about flower and green" that will continue in future]
  Do you not plant green leaves flower and town business "tree planting masuni flower around the station filled with green? (offer was finished)

  "Photogenic green leaves flower and green photocontest" (offer was finished)

Main approach contents

 State of town of Aoba Ward which became full of flowers is this

At "green leaves one bowl activity" - home, we bring up person bowl, flower, and let's display! ...  

 We have you bring up person bowl, flower at home and, in front of window and the door, the gate, are activity to fill town of green leaves with flower by having porches of apartment decorate.

"It is made with scenery of town" and colors base of - town with flower! ... 
Flower bed

 Including station in ward and the outskirts, we installed planter and flower bed in park or school and, during fair period, brought up flower and colored town beautifully.
 In addition, in school, kindergarten, nursery school, we put together during fair period and raised flower.

[station and the outskirts]
 We made the station yard in ward and neighboring sceneries.
[park, road]

 We supported park protection society and activity of Hama road supporters and it was made with flower bed of park and carried out decoration of road by planters.

 We had you carry out decoration due to flower in front of mall and store.
[ward office, public facilities]

 We performed setting of planter in public facilities sites such as decoration of the first floor of around ward Government building and the ward office hall, care plaza, district center, community house.
[school, kindergarten, nursery school]

 We had you bring up flower in elementary and junior high school, kindergarten, nursery school in ward.

In cooperation with group which is "approach of flower and green" ... state state, we hold event! ...

 With Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, school, nursery school, kindergarten, company, we carry out various events about flower. We held event in "Kodomonokuni", flower and green walking event, culture art events such as sketch classroom or course.

[event at green base]
 ・It is flower stamp rally in Kodomonokuni
 ・Install gel; and reading
 ・We carry out green and village walk of art in servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village
 ・We carry out flower, green and digital stamp rally (servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village) of art
     Lottery result of privilege of digital stamp rally will inform only elected candidate by Tuesday, June 20.

[walking event]
 ・Walking for adults in Kodomonokuni
 ・Walking that was based in parks
 ・Nordic events walking by golden age club sponsorship
[culture art event]
 ・Plan concert to carry out in firiahoru
 ・We published flower and business targeted for course NEW about green to carry out in care plaza!
 ・Sketch classroom by cooperation of Yokohama university of arts carrying out in Kodomonokuni
 ・Photogenic green leaves flower and green photocontest
 ・Flower and green photocourse 

"Opening event"

 On April 9, 2017, we held opening event of "flower necklace green leaves 2017" in green leaves sports plaza as venue.
 Thank you for your many visits.