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Table of contents obstacle according to field

Guidance of the obstacle welfare

About big picture of service that is available to child with a disability, person and the families living in Yokohama-shi

Please refer to this. Here, we list about some items which should have you offer beforehand to file at ward office window.

Grant of certificate of the physically disabled

Certificate of the physically disabled is issued for law which was authorized when we correspond to obstacle degree to publish at separate table based on the person with a physical disability welfare method and is necessary to receive various welfare services. You attach necessary documents, and please apply to Aoba Ward government office Elderly and Disabled Support Division (the second-floor 34th window).

Target person

Defective who lasts long in sight, hearing, equilibrium function, sound, language function or chewing function, the limbs (arms, lower limbs, human trunk, brain Hara-related functional motility disorder), heart function, kidney function, respiratory function, bladder or rectal function, small intestine function, function of immunity, liver

Obstacle class

We are authorized by the sixth grade from the first grade by degree of obstacle, and content of support may vary according to classes.

Documents necessary for application

One piece of 1 photograph (vertical 4cm X side 3cm)
When we photographed with hatless thing, digital camera on from chest, we printed on paper for photograph. Polaroid photograph is impossible
2 person with a physical disability statements of position, medical certificate
Styles are different according to target person. You obtain beforehand at ward office or download from this, and have Dr. Article 15 designation established in person with a physical disability welfare law make.
3 certificates of the physically disabled (person you have)

Notebook, payment, the furtherance

   ※Way of medical certificate for) mental patient health welfare notebook (for the medical institution person concerned)

  ※We can file by mail about) mind going to hospital medical care. We can file at window, but we are crowded, and I would like procedure by mail as much as possible as we may keep waiting for a long time.