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1% of your power in the future of green leaves!

1% of your power in the future of green leaves!

In the future of AOBA, utilize 1% of your power

Aoba Ward is relatively young ward where still has low aging rate now, but declining birth rate and the graying will advance rapidly in future, and way of living and needs diversify, too.


From now, it is necessary to put the making of charm of town chosen by aging measures and many generations together, and to measure.


Therefore we aimed at it being more livable Aoba Ward by each inhabitant of a ward turning 1% of own power to area and others in Aoba Ward and began approach.
 It is Aoba Ward version area problem solution model which expected will that we centered on toward the senior generation having knowledge, skill that house ino is high in in Aoba Ward for achievement of whom there is. (Aoba Ward senior power utilization business)

Green leaves second carrier forum

  [excavation of the vitality senior layer that there is] [consciousness awakening] [breeding of social Capital]

 While declining birth rate and the graying advances, and figure of town changes, and way of living diversifies, too;, child care, next-generation upbringing, local; it is necessary to push forward community development for the future while being connected, and adding to conventional approach in health, familiar welfare, various genres including activation of regional economy, and beginning to knit new connection and technique. Therefore, based on power and idea of everybody, we held talk event to have everybody shined more and play an active part in green leaves.

 Date Saturday, July 8, 2017 PM
 Held place green leaves public hall
 Keynote Speech Iku Kaneko Keio University's emeritus professor required
       Kimiko Washio NPO corporation gurupu wisteria director

  The details of event contents from this (move to outside site) 

In March, we plan closing event to look back, and to share a series of approaches.

Green leaves de start seminar

 [leading figure upbringing] [local debut]

 For the purpose of excavation, upbringing of new leading figure, we make use of expertise and experience and play an active part while shining splendidly

We observe activity of seniors and, to hear experiences, assume that we learn "the basics of beginning of activity" aim.
 In addition, through whole exchange meeting, we provide opportunity of the making of connection.

 The holding date and time first (from July to October) and the second (from October to February)

  Contents of green leaves de start seminar from this

Ichigao use project

[next-generation upbringing] [purpose of life structure of the senior layer] [health promotion of the senior layer]

Local human resources such as senior generations having a variety of experience, skills interchange with junior and senior high school students and create place of experience to be active for solution of local problem and in this way aim at further fitness upbringing of the young people through learning out of school.

  Contents of Ichigao use project from this (fly to outside site)

The second carrier area company seminar

 [social company] [purpose of life structure of the senior layer] [health promotion of the senior layer] [solution to social problem] 

 Toward the arrival of super-aged society, we create achievement opportunity of the senior layer, and making of health, purpose of life support, leading figure of the senior layer have to plan becoming.
 Therefore we carry out community business founding support and are intended that we connect with solution of area problem, welfare problem by achievement of the class of seniors that had high skill, knowledge in ward.

  Contents of the second carrier area company seminar from this