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[the application end] The second carrier area company seminar!

The second carrier area company seminar


[we applied and were finished] The second carrier area company seminar holding! 

 1% of power of you in the future of green leaves!

・ which wants to do social company, and wants to make its debut as local leading figure as the second carrier
We want to increase friends in area, and, in this “ town, let's begin new challenge! "
to is consecutive seminars held targeting at thinking people.
 We support plan of your dream and can learn from senior entrepreneur playing an active part.
 In addition, toward the current activity average, add accent of slightly local company,
Hint to make current activity continuous is provided.
We add viewpoint that it is like economical viewpoint, management to current activity and are recommended in that we want to develop.

  To site (the outside) special as for the details.
[sponsorship: Aoba Ward government office Elderly and Disabled Support Division plan administration: Kannai innovation initiative]