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About "support file Kakehashi"

We hold the third form course (February 8, 2019). The details are this

What is "support file Kakehashi?"

 When protector arranges information such as episode or medical care, nursing, welfare, education during individuality and characteristic, child care of child to one as for "support file Kakehashi" and records and explains support contents which received administrative window or support engine, hospital until now in arrival, conventional progress, we support that we continue even if support engine and supporter change by sharing supporter and information precisely and receive coherent support.

 Good understanding people of child increase by utilizing "support file Kakehashi" every life stage of child and local can live a life in peace and is thinking in future that we are connected in opening ring of support.

The way of acquisition

<available by two means>
1.We go to get directly to window
  The second floor of the Aoba Ward government office 34th window
  Aoba Ward nucleus consultation support center B2 floor reception counter

2.We download from the following


Downloading data




Entry method


 Cover (PDF)    

About Kakehashi      

 About Kakehashi (PDF)    
Table of contents  Table of contents (PDF)    
1 profile  Profile (PDF) Profile (Excel)  Profile
(entry example) 
2 face seats Face seat (PDF) Face seat (Excel)  Face seat
(entry example) 
3 support sheet  Support sheet (PDF) Support sheet (Excel)  Support sheet
(entry example) 
4 histories sheet  History sheet (PDF) History sheet (Excel)  History sheet
(entry example) 
5 documents  Document (PDF)    
Back cover  Back cover (PDF)    
Collective downloading  Collectively (PDF)

Information for form course

For support that the third course has the same anywhere anytime being received


Friday, February 8, 2019
From 11:00 to 12:30 (10:30 - acceptance)

The fourth floor of the Aoba Ward government office 406 meeting room


We accept application by telephone, facsimile, E-mail beforehand.
・Ward (supporter belongs) to live
・Contact information
Please let know this at the following.


We do green leaves local action home (Aoba Ward nucleus consultation support center)
Charge: Abe
・Telephone 045-988-0222
・Facsimile 045-985-1588
・E-mail aoba-soudan@yss-net.or.jp

Reference about course, venue

Aoba Ward Health and Welfare Center child family section Children and Families Support Section
Telephone 045-978-2457

Guidance flyer, application is this

※As congestion is expected on the next agency, I would like the use of public transport.

Live example

Under preparations