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Top page   >   Information of living   >   Child care   >   Application for holding is this in next offer & February on "nashikachankurabu" January 2 in 2019!

nashikachankurabu (green leaves child care college)

Words of child are restless slowly, is worry and uneasiness including ki unwillingly
Is it nakotohaarimasenka? Through play to move body to in parent and child, we take our ease with child
Let's learn art to spend ku.


Contents: Parent and child play, one point advice

Object: Child at 1 year, 7 months old - 2 years, 0 months old and the protector
One (pregnant person cannot participate.) where mother is not pregnant
Application: We can apply from the lower this page for 1-20 days in the last month on the participation hope date.

Venue: 16.17 turn in the first floor of the Aoba Ward government office Health and Welfare Center

Capacity: 15 sets (in the case of a lot of applications, we draw lots)

The date and time: Second Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 (reception desk: at 9:40 a.m.)

Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Under application acceptance!
To 1/3

Let's play newspaper‼
Under application acceptance!
To 1/20

Let's play with corrugated cardboard‼
Application: 2/1
Let's play newspaper‼

 ※Newspaper and bringing of corrugated cardboard are unnecessary.

[as for the application from "PC terminal" from "smartphone terminal"
 Please click either of this.          ]

↓Under the second application acceptance for January holding! (to 1/3)↓
・It is use with PC → 「From PC terminal

・It is use with smartphone and tablet → 「From smartphone terminal

↓Proposing for February holding (to 1/20)↓
・It is use with PC → 「From PC terminal
・It is use with smartphone and tablet → 「From smartphone terminal

(in Android terminal, support model is available after Android5.0.
 In iPhone, iPad, after iOS5.0 deployment model is available.)

**Please confirm ** instructions less than by all means! ****
*When error message appears, and cannot apply; is * kuda in this

*Thing necessary for what open with window according to screen of electronic application system according to guidance
 Please input clause.

*E-mail address having you register recommends PC e-mail address.

*When application is completed, news email arrives within 30 minutes. Email is notice
 It comes true and e-mail address has error or can apply for case normally
 We have few possibilities. When possible, please register PC e-mail address.

*Application completion email is ta by notification not to arrive by domain refusal setting
 We have number. Email from ao-college@city.yokohama.jp is the reception
 Cut; please confirm whether is set.
*In the case of a lot of applications, it becomes lottery. About the right or wrong of participation after the application deadline
 We will tell this by email by all means. When it becomes lottery, be elected
 Having you participate concerning venue even if you are and come in the one on the day of the classroom
 We cannot do it. Thank you for your understanding.