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2017 nursery schools about entrance application

About 2017 entrance application

About 2017 entrance application

 We accept application of person hoping for entrance in nursery schools of the suburbs in ward in 2017 (from April, 2017 March, 2018).

 pdf"Usage guidances such as Yokohama-shi nursery schools in 2017" (PDF file: 1736KB) and
 pdf"... in 2017 for bookmark - Aoba Ward of entrance such as nursery schools" (PDF file: 2186KB)
   pdfTo "live one where nursery school entrance in Aoba Ward is hoped for outside Yokohama-shi" (PDF file: 161KB)
   pdfAbout "use application such as nursery schools out of Yokohama-shi" (PDF file: 140KB)
   pdfIn the case of "use application such as kindergartens, please submit my number to nursery schools" (PDF file: 176KB)

You read this well, and apply.

March 1, 2018 entrance possibility number (as of February 1, 2018) with possibility (PDF file: 284KB)
 (we update every month on about 1st)
Please confirm this about past entrance possibility number with possibility.

※We can apply for authorized facilities, business of other wards in Yokohama-shi at a time, too.

About authorized facilities, business except Aoba Ward, please confirm on homepage of Child and Youth Bureau other than homepage of each ward.

We distribute "usage guidances such as 2017 Yokohama-shi nursery schools"
(usage guidance and application documentation package) at the next place.
○Green leaves Health and Welfare Center (the second floor of the ward office 37th window)
○Azamino Station service counter in the city hall
○Nagatsuta Station service counter in the city hall
○Authorization nursery schools in Aoba Ward

In addition, please download from next when only application documents are necessary.
pdf2017 application documentation package (we can download application documents collectively)
  (PDF file: 1513KB)

Garden with change is in garden that performed new open in April, 2017, various information.
Facility, business update information in 2017 Aoba Ward

There is municipal nursery school where private transfer is planned.
For more details, please see Child and Youth Bureau homepage.

◎You see this, and please apply for one where entrance to nursery school is hoped for after April, 2018. !NEW!

Application method

● Application

1 application method 
   After checking necessary documents, please apply for "green leaves Health and Welfare Center" expectation, mail or window.
   In the case of mail application, please enclose "self-addressed envelope" (stamp pasting, thing of return address entry finished) for application confirmation.

2 application confirmation
  We accept to "confirmation votes such as presentation documents" and we seal and we put the reproduction and send back seal to self-addressed envelope.

Application final day

 ・ We accept from 11 days a month of entrance hope month before last and start, and principle 10th in the last month of entrance hope month is the deadline. (must arrive)
 When there is not presentation of "documents necessary for application", it becomes selection with the minimum rank by final day.
  ※The use start becomes dated 1st every month.

Use start ※ The application starting date Application final day
5/1 Monday, March 13 Monday, April 10
6/1 Tuesday, April 11 Wednesday, May 10
7/1 Thursday, May 11 Friday, June 9
8/1 Monday, June 12 Monday, July 10
9/1 Tuesday, July 11 Thursday, August 10
10/1 Monday, August 14 Friday, September 8
11/1 Monday, September 11 Tuesday, October 10
12/1 Wednesday, October 11 Friday, November 10
H 30/1/1 Monday, November 13 Friday, December 8
H 30/2/1 Monday, December 11 H 30/1/10 (Wed)
H 30/3/1 H 30/1/11 (Thu) H 30/2/9 (Fri)

Required documents

Required documentsEntry exampleRemarks
pdfChild, child care support system supply authorization application (authorized contents confirmation vote) (for 2.3)
(PDF file: 389KB)
pdf fileEntry example
Please fill in supporting vote without forgetting.
One piece is necessary per one application elementary school student.
When we propose in brothers, we are necessary for the number of people.
pdfUse of child, child care support system application (for 2.3) (PDF file: 373KB) pdf fileEntry example
One piece is necessary per one application elementary school student.
When we propose in brothers, we are necessary for the number of people.
pdfPresentation documents confirmation vote (PDF file: 226KB) pdf fileEntry example
Please submit to all two of them after filling out the same contents.
Self-addressed envelope I send presentation documents confirmation vote.
You put stamp, and please submit after filling out address.
pdfPetition for 2, 3 authorization reason
(PDF file: 106KB)
pdf fileEntry example
When you propose in brothers, please offer copying.
pdfTime schedule (PDF file: 65KB) pdf fileEntry example
When you propose in brothers, please offer copying.
pdfMy number entry paper, entry method (PDF file: 544KB) One piece is necessary per one application elementary school student.
When we propose in brothers, we are necessary for the number of people.
Identification of applying protector and personal number confirmation are possible When you propose in brothers, please offer one set.
Please confirm other details here.
Documents which prove that we need childcare Please confirm the details in list shown below.

 ※As I cannot return presentation documents, bring reproduction to necessary one of the original with the original.
 ※At the time of application child-care facility (as for Yokohama nersery room, the childcare in child-care facility office out of the authorization.except authorization nursery school We include kindergarten.)
  Person leaving at this for payment, please submit proof document including copy of living-in-garden proof or contract. (it becomes examination document of entrance selection.)

 ※When brothers child has already entered authorization nursery school, please fill in nursery school name entering living together family column of nursery school entrance application by all means.

Documents which prove that we need childcare
 ※When you propose in brothers, please offer copying.
The situation to need childcarePresentation documentsRemarks
One where one, employment that are employed at company or home, and act are designated unofficially as pdf"Employment (plan) certificate"
(PDF file: 350KB)

 pdf fileEntry example is this
(PDF file: 490KB)

The latest working results (in the one in maternity leave, maternity leave the latest results before the vacation acquisition) by employer and proof of what is employed are necessary.
Entry on proof day and seal of company mark are required, too.
・When there is multiple working, proof by each employer is necessary, and irregularity duty needs presentation such as shift list or time schedule more. In addition, person whom shift table is not submitted to, please submit thing that working hours of one week are identified.

・Person whom the employment is arranged informally for needs scheduled adoption date and proof such as the monthly working planned days.

・About contents, we may confirm in company.

・When we can enter, proof of being able to return to work on 1st in the next month of entrance preferred date is necessary for one applied for during parental leave.
Self-employed people pdf"Working (plan) report"
(PDF file: 467KB)
pdf fileEntry example
(PDF file:
At working time, you fill in the working results, and please declare.
Protectors at the time of disease Medical certificate Please submit thing which the situation having difficulty in childcare, illness name, period were written down.
When we care for sick person and person requiring nursing care ・We understand the medical certificate of sick person or need of nursing care state
pdf"Time schedule"
(PDF file: 65KB)
When we work as authority of places such as brothers children, attendant of attending school ・"Going to kindergarten, attending school certificate"
・tsusho, schedule table (if there is not pdf"time schedule" to issue of attending school
(PDF file: 65KB))
Protectors at the time of psychosomatic disorder Copy of disability certificate "Certificate of the physically disabled", please submit copy of part which can confirm handbook registration number, person column, obstacle name. "Notebook of love" "mental patient health welfare notebook", please submit copy of part which handbook registration number, person column can identify.
Before childbirth after giving birth    Copying of mother and child health handbook Please submit copy of part which can identify the expected date as cover.
When protectors are in university or technical school Student registration certificate , class schedule of class (thing understanding schedule)  

Residence tax taxation certificate
 The following people come to need presentation. We use for decision of use adjustment, childcare charges.
 When presentation cannot submit in necessary one, in the case of use adjustment, childcare charges decision, it may become disadvantageous.
The residence situation Use start preferred date ※ The year of necessary residence tax taxation certificate
We move into in Yokohama-shi after January 2, 2016 From April to August For 2016
  From September to March *   It is * for 2017
We move into in Yokohama-shi after January 2, 2017 From April to August For 2016
From September to March For 2017

 Please submit with application documents.
 *One moved into by January 1, 2017 is presentation-free.
 ※Please submit thing which the amount of income, deduction, ratable value was listed in.
 ※Thing of protector (by the household situation grandparents of living together) is necessary.
 ※We do not mind presentation documents by copying, but may confirm the original.
 ※We can acquire residence tax taxation certificate in resident registration place on January 1 in the year concerned.
  Please refer to residence tax department in charge of each local government for acquisition method.
  Copy of special collection amount of a tax letter of advice (only in the case of earned income) or tax payment letter of advice is fine, too.
 ※As one that became reservation may become disadvantageous to result of use adjustment, please submit residence tax taxation certificate by addition for 2017 by (8/10) in application final day of use of entrance adjustment in September.

Such time needs report

Other documents
The situation to need childcarePresentation documentsRemarks
Some facilities desired addition, cancellation and
When we change order desired      
pdf"Use application contents change registration form" (PDF file: 73KB) Please fill out to prevent omission of application to understand garden and order after change desired before change.
When we withdraw application pdf"Use application withdrawal application" "certification application withdrawal application" (PDF file: 74KB)  
When we change application contents of authorization pdf"Supply certification application contents notification of change" (PDF file: 86KB) One, person that nursery schools are used now who receives authorization
When we change authorized contents or the use is canceled
pdf"Authorized change (change, cancellation) application" (PDF file: 130KB) and
pdfPlease submit "use cancellation application" (PDF file: 98KB).
[person receiving authorization] Address change, office change, full name change, change of reason to need childcare, cancellation of other various changes, use pdf"Authorized change (change, cancellation) application" (PDF file: 130KB)
pdf"Use cancellation application" (PDF file: 98KB)

Other various styles
Reinstatement certificate (PDF file: 56KB)
Parental leave certificate (PDF file: 61KB)
Director statement of position (PDF file: 93KB)
Nursery schools dossier grant application (PDF file: 64KB)


Notice of result

I send "use of facility, business adjustment result letter of advice" every month on about 21st.
When it becomes reservation, it is only the first time for the next month of application that I send.
After that we notify when hope garden is changed or only when it is decided.

※ When withdrawal of the use is necessary after the use such as nursery schools was arranged informally,
 Please submit "pdfuse (informal appointment) cancellation application" (PDF file: 127KB) by all means.

★To child who is looking for imprisonment★

Aoba Ward has child-care facility and kindergarten, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (use of education) (only as for the child three years or older) such as Yokohama nersery rooms out of the authorization other than authorized facilities, business, too. Please consider.

In addition, please use custody business at one time at childcare and infants 1:00 when frequency to need childcare is less than three days a week.

Adobe(R)Reader(R) is necessary to look at document of Portable Document Format.  When Adobe Reader is not installed in PC of the use, you download Adobe Reader (free) from the following linked page, and you install, and please use.

Get Adobe Reader Adobe Reader download page

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