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Let's play parent and child! We hold "nashikachan open space"!

 We hold event "nashikachan open space" where nursery school of Aoba Ward can be idle with childcare person as part of local child care support.
 A lot of toy and play that child including playing house and block loves "nashikachan open space!"
 Children of nursery school sing "song of green leaves child" which nursery school of Aoba Ward cooperates and produced and invite to welcome song on the day.

About "nashikachan open space"

Io tonashikachanno illustration[the date and time] Thursday, November 9, 2017 from 10:00 to 12:00
     ☆Corner of play: From 10:10 to 11:30
     ☆Fun thyme: From 11:30 to 12:00
[place] Green leaves sports center first physical education room (31-4, Ichigaocho, Aoba-ku)
[object] Preschool child and the protector
[application method] Prior application is unnecessary. All the people for coming over can participate on the day.
※Parking lot is charged.

☆Io tonashikachammo comes☆

☆October issue and poster for public information yokohama Aoba Ward introduce "nashikachan open space" in detail!
 ・October issue for public information yokohama Aoba Ward is this
 ・About poster of nashikachan open space this (PDF file: 871KB)

About "song of green leaves child"

 In Aoba Ward, private institution, public child-care facility in ward cooperates with cooperation between child-care facility for the purpose of improvement of quality of childcare and carries out workshop. Children who went to child-care facility in ward were common and, in the practice training of childcare that we carried out in 2012, made "Aoba Ward child karuta" which could play.
 And we developed the approach more in 2013, and, based on reading cards of karuta that characteristic of Aoba Ward was expressed, chief childcare person of public nursery school wrote a song by workshop and former green leaves Director General composed and produced "song of green leaves child".

We sing in nashikachan open space

 We sing thought of children and childcare person and "song of green leaves child" which a lot of characteristics of Aoba Ward rebuked in "nashikachan open space" on November 9.
 It is older child of six nursery schools in Aoba Ward to sing. We sing "song of green leaves child" as welcome song for parent and child who visited "nashikachan open space".
nashikachanno illustration Song of green leaves child nashikachanno illustration

1 sun glitter blue sky hello

  Bird full of green sings

  Row of trees of path cherry tree of lotus flower

  Oh, it is ... aiina

  Hill kokoroyasuragukokage way of green leaves

  Smiles of all overflow

  Vigorous green leaves kid

2 stars are gentle shiningly, and good evening

  Summer night when firefly flies

  The earth of blessing to grow that there is no beach in

  Oh, it is ... aiina

  Tree of green leaves to connect in the yamazakura future

  Let's tie hand together together

  Vigorous green leaves kid