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imageThing about the pregnancy, delivery
◆If we become pregnant

 Mother and child health handbook
 Pregnant woman Health Checkups, woman in childbed Health Checkups 
 ・Pregnant woman oral examination
 Obstetrical system
 Yokohama-shi before childbirth after giving birth helper dispatch business
   Vaccinations and examination of rubella of antibody

◆Consultation, classroom
 Mother classroom
 Child care classroom of daddy
 Child care support nursery school
 Local child care support base "rafuru" 

◆If baby is born
Birth registration form
 ・Hello baby visit business, mother and the child visit business
 ・Medical treatments of child
 System about medical expenses of child

imageSystem about medical expenses  of child

 Pediatric care
 Nurture medical care
 Upbringing medical care
 Nursing medical care
 Children chronicity identification illness medical care benefits
 Single-parent families support medical expenses
 Support of severeness person with a disability medical expenses

imageMedical treatments of child

 Child Allowance

  In April, 2012, system turned into Child Allowance from child care allowance.

 Child Raising Allowance
 At-home person with a disability allowance
 Child with a disability welfare subsidy
 Special Child Dependent's Allowance
 Child with a disability child care allowance

imageHealth of child

imageChild care support

◆Child care support

 Child care wakuwaku MAP
     It is MAP understanding local child care support project. There are publications such as the pediatrics or nursery school!

 Child care support system (Aoba Ward branch office: Aoba Ward area child care support base rafuru)

◆We play and are made with friend
 ・Local child care classroom
 Breeding support business of child
 ・Municipal nursery school child care support project
 ・Child care consultation venue by child care supporter
 Child care open space by local chief children's committee
 Area child care support base (Aoba Ward: area child care support base "rafuru")
 ・Open space of gathering of parent and children 
 Child care circle
 ・Child care support center garden
 ・Child care support nursery school

  ・We carry out on Saturday and Sunday! "donichi ★ open space" to be able to enjoy in parent and child
  nashikachan open space

◆Public facilities which are usable in parent and child

 ・Community care plaza
 District center
 Art forum Azamino
 Aoba Ward Council of Social Welfare  

imageConsultation organization about consultation child care, education


 Child home support consultation
 Baby food classroom
 Infants eating habits health consultation
 Specialized consultation such as stop-at-home

◆Consultation of tooth of child
 Infants dentistry consultation
 With a smile shiny 1 year old child (classroom of tooth of 1 year old child)

◆Consultation organization about child care, education
 Children's guidance office
 Education synthesis consultation center
 Nursing education synthesis center
 Young people center
 Use plaza in northern yokohama

◆(Aoba Ward) Local training society
 The details from this

◆Support file Kakehashi

 Downloading from this

imageNursery school and kindergarten

 Authorization nursery schools
 Child-care facility (Yokohama nersery rooms) out of the authorization
 Temporary childcare

 Infants temporary custody
 Illness child childcare
 Kindergarten, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (use of education)

 Kindergarten custody childcare 

 Child care support system

imageAbout attendance at school

 Elementary school, junior high school
 Elementary and junior high school, school district system
 Entrance to school procedure information for elementary and junior high school
 After-School Care Program Clubs
 This is true child contact school
 It is kids club after school

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