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About notification, receipt of my number card

*About notification to one applied for

   We send out grant letter of advice (guidance postcard) as soon as inspection work of my number card is finished and is ready to be able to hand.
   We are having time for preparations from application in Aoba Ward now for approximately two months.
    ※We may have time more to remake card in J-LIS (local public entity information system mechanism) when malfunction was found in process of inspection of card.

*About receipt

   We send grant letter of advice (guidance postcard) to address of resident certificate if ready for handing over of my number card.

   ・You can receive without reservation on weekdays. Please give me the next agency by about 16:30 from 8:45.
   Receipt on Saturday open agency day (the second fourth Saturday morning) beforehand over telephone it is said that need reservations. As you make reservation from 9:00 a.m. on the same day one month ago, please contact 045-978-2340. (telephone reservation reception hours: on weekdays for from 9:00 to 17:00)

   ■Receipt window: The second floor of the Aoba Ward government office "Family Registry Division my number card grant window"
   ■Bringing documents: Identity verification document including grant letter of advice, notice card, driver's license
     ・For more details, please confirm this page (you link to homepage of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau)
   As waiting time may get longer by the congestion situation of window, I would like cooperation to have the next agency with margin at time.

・Information for use of my number card

・Information for use of electronic certificate

 My number card is available as documents proving my number and birth and parentage for administration and local public entity, health insurance union, the office, financial institution of country in scene needing the presentation of my number in the field of social security or the field of tax.

 My number card can conjugate as identity verification documents with photograph of the face as well as the case mentioned above widely. In the case of the above, it is said that we cannot make copy except (when it is approved procedure legally to use my number) on this occasion as my number is listed on the back of the card.

Social security, tax number system (my number system)

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