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About receipt of notice of my number card


Notice card which was sent back to ward office without being mailed for from November to December in 2015 and being received by absence
We finished grant on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

 We correspond as above, and procedure of reissue is necessary when notice card is necessary, and it costs fee (500 yen). In addition, it takes time to receipt for approximately three weeks.

Simple registered mail, transfer are not necessary, and notice card is delivered.
Notice card is returned about the following case to ward office.

・We give transfer notice of mail to post office.
・It has been past deadline for storage at post office by absence at the time of delivery.
・Address of resident certificate cannot pinpoint delivery without nameplate and mailbox injury.

I am returned by ward office and, about thing in deadline for storage, hand at the 24th window of ward office.
If you have absence communication vote if the person can confirm the person or same household, and there is with (driver's license, passport) and can come over to window of ward office, we do handing over.
As there are necessary things such as proxy about receipt of person and same household except one, please confirm homepage of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau beforehand.

・Reissue of notice card by loss is charged. (500 yen)

We hope that we can come over with margin at time as congestion including before consecutive holidays and the consecutive holidays is expected in the window of ward office.

We guide for more information about notice card on homepage of Yokohama-shi.
Please confirm from the following addresses.




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