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Guide (Living Guide for Foreign Residents) of living for foreigner

 It is guide who gathered up information of living necessary for life and brief map of Aoba Ward.
 As for this guide, there is "Korea, Korean version" "Spanish version" "Tagalog version" "plain Japanese edition" "Chinese edition" "English version".
 We click title, and please see.

English version (English)

PDFThe "English version" surface (PDF file, 2303KB)
PDFBack, map side (PDF file, 11452KB)

Chinese edition (Chinese)

PDFThe "Chinese edition" surface (PDF file, 2642KB)
PDFBack, map side (PDF file, 12216KB)

Korea, Korean version (Korean)

PDFThe "Korea, Korean version" surface (PDF file, 2683KB)
Back, map PDFside (PDF file, 12246KB)

Spanish version (Spanish)

PDFThe "Spanish version" surface (PDF file, 2493KB)
PDFBack, map side (PDF file, 11497KB)

Tagalog version (tagalog)

PDFThe "Tagalog version" face (PDF file, 2487KB)
PDFBack, map side (PDF file, 11482KB)

Plain Japanese edition

PDFThe "plain Japanese edition" surface (PDF file, 5354KB)
PDFBack, map side (PDF file, 12236KB)


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